C3 HOUSEBOAT | Marine parks, lakes, lagoons | 2008


Torrisi & Procopio Architetti



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The C3 SERIES prototype is a houseboat with high standards of comfort.

As far as the architecture and living standards are concerned, it has surpassed the traditional houseboat being conceived on the criteria for luxury yacht design: particular attention and ample space devoted to the areas to be shared with guests, in convivial lounges that open onto spacious terraces by means of large glass doors; rationalised exploitation of space for the facilities and night zone.

The house is a result of three assembled modular elements (C-shaped) and consists of two storeys.

Marketed by the French company H2orizon, the C3 series is available in the C3 01 and C3 02 versions, models that differ only in size (respectively 225 and 190 sq.m).