FLOATING ISLAND | Singapore | 2020


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Society of Floating Solutions Singapore

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The Floating Island concept for Foreign Workers consists of a cluster of four hexagon shaped concrete floating platforms and it is designed to accommodate up to 2,295 people in 765 container cabins on purpose modified for residential use.

Platforms D1, D2 and D3 are for residential use. Each platform can accommodate up to 765 workers in 255 20-ft containers. Each container is equipped with a toilet, a corner for coffee/tea and can accommodate from two to three people. Windows are generously provided on both sides for ventilation and natural lighting. Showers, changing rooms and storage area for workers are in the basement, while at the ground floor, just below each residential block, there is an open space that residents use to consume meals.

Each residential platform also has a common area for entertainment and relaxation. There is a mega screen and a stage that from time to time can be used for theatrical performances. There is also a garden with a pool and a kiosk for drink and snacks.

Platform C is the community center of the island. The ground floor is occupied by two bar-café and two restaurants, whose services include storerooms, toilets and kitchens that are located downstairs in the basement. A 7-eleven store, a laundry and the kitchen that prepares meals to send to the platforms D1, D2, D3, complete the equipment at the ground floor.

At the first floor there is a library/bookshop, a gym, a media store, a barber shop, a Western Union outlet and some additional shops.

Finally, at the second floor, a lush roof garden offers the residents a space for relaxing, resting and reading away from the noise of the lower floors.