IRIDE 01 FLOATING SUITE | Marine parks, lakes, lagoons | 2012


Torrisi & Procopio Architetti



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The IRIDE 01 Floating Suite was designed to accommodate a comfortable en suite bedroom in 25 square metres. It is suitable for sheltered bays, tourist ports, marine parks, and lakes and it was designed as an annex for lakeside or riverside hotels to offer their guests a unique experience, as an alternative to the traditional accommodation.

Outdoor spaces and wide windows allow for contact with the environment outside, making it possible to appreciate the landscape to the full and enjoy a holiday with high standards of comfort in close contact with nature.

During the day the relationship between inside and outside may be adjusted to pleasure by means of special electronic window opacifiers.

The wooden modular structure on a floating pontoon of about 40 square metres, can vary in length, making it easy to assemble and disassemble, and at the same time limiting costs.

The pontoon consists of a few discontinuous floating units in reinforced concrete with an expanded polystyrene core and it is anchored to the seabed by ground anchors and flexible ropes, the most environmentally-friendly system available as the impact on the seabed is minimal.

The IRIDE 01 Floating Suite, designed for the French company H2orizon, can be purchased singly but it is also the ideal solution for a floating village, where some units can be grouped together and connected to the main building by floating walkways.