WAHYA JUNGLE HOUSE | Singapore | 2021


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Engtek Pte Ltd

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Wahya Jungle House is a two-storey condominium made up of two different sized flats, available in the two versions, on land and floating house.

The floating version is particularly suitable for floating residential villages where several units may be moored like a cluster both near the waterfront and offshore. It can be also provided with a semi-submerged annex located under the floating pontoon for observing the underwater landscape. The clusters can be reachable by footbridges or, if offshore, by boat, but either way each unit is independent from land as regards the water and electricity supply and sewerage.

The on land version, provided with concrete foundations, can be ideal for residential villages located in places in close contact with wild nature. The units may be scattered in a dense forest, a lush garden, on a lonely beach as long as on a panoramic hill.

From an architectural point of view, it could be said that the particular hut shape of Wahya Jungle House recalls those typical “primitive” bungalows that can still be seen today in several exotic villages or those common in mountainous areas. A traditional and iconic architecture type redesigned in a modern key as far as style and functionality are concerned, but still capable of maintaining its unique charm and versatility.

The extensive use of wood for finishes and coatings is consistent with the aforementioned architectural type. Glass and metal are the other predominant materials and give the building a contemporary and stylish look.

The proposal for the furniture includes some selected options choosen among the collections of the best known Italian brands and tailor-made pieces designed according to the needs of the customer.

Wahya Jungle House consists of two flats (Flat A, Flat B) +, in the floating version only, the submerged capsule (Flat C) which can be rented as an annex. The whole floating house (203 sq.m + 70 sq.m of terraces) can accomodate up to 12 people, while the on land version up to a maximum of 10.