MARINA DISTRICT | Houston | 2018


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The new Marina District is situated on the San Jacinto River and it is of central importance in the Kingwood Marina development (The Herons Kingwood Marina). It includes two basins – Marina East and Marina West - with a total capacity of more than 700 berths, for boats up to 40 feet, and 220 platforms for jet skis.

The project has been conceived by following the most modern criteria regarding the design of marinas: it is universally accepted that a modern marina must offer much more than just berths and that other essential structures and floating solutions can add valuable amenities.

Therefore, both the east and west marina have been designed as a mix of service structures and a variety of entertainment facilities, both on water and on land. A floating swimming-pool, a floating cinema/theatre, a restaurant-cafè and a lounge area will be located directly on water on custom-made platforms with all the necessary associated equipment. The work-out areas, playgrounds and other lounge areas will be on land along the promenade.

A system of special floating platforms, (Floating Treatments Wetlands), will provide habitat and clean the water of the two marinas by creating a natural “concentrated” wetland effect, using plants and naturally occurring bacteria. This is a new and powerful tool for monitoring and safeguarding the health of water and marine life, which was first tested in particularly polluted lakes and today has become popular even in the heart of some cities.