PRIVATE HOUSE | Latina | 2010


Torrisi & Procopio Architetti



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The house was designed with specific objectives in mind since the customer had requested the residence to be architecturally impressive with ample spaces for entertaining guests, while leaving certain areas completely independent.

The line of the house is particularly dynamic and has an articulated floor plan with split levels and volumes that cover an ample overall space, but at the same time create a warm, cosy atmosphere. So, as you walk along paths, up steps, over patios and roof gardens, unexpectedly inviting areas appear that promise further surprises.

On the inside, the house is centred around a two-storey high hall. From here you can reach the two lounges on the ground floor, the living room in the basement and up a stairway to the bedrooms on the first floor. A bright corridor leads from the basement to the slightly detached annexe on an intermediate level.

The inside is connected to the outside by a series of pathways that wind through the greenery of hanging roof gardens and the surrounding park.